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If you have not learnt anything, but have learnt one thing that the Goal of life is to be Happy, you have learnt everything!- RVM #Inspiration #Stayinspired
im screaming on the inside and no one hears
the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy
because they know what its like to feel absolutly worthless and they
dont want anyone else to feel like that

-robin williams
I loved you
& you left
i used to think about you & i would feel the butterflies in my stomach
but now when i think about you, it feels like all the butterflies died
love is a lie.
    May Your Life Be Filled
With Lots Of Awesomeness
    And You Find The True
    Meaning Of Happiness
      As You Pretend It Is
            On Facebook.


This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.
When I am sad
my mother sends me apples 
my friends send me booze

I'm hangover in somebody's bed
my mother toldme to keep hydrated 
I'm clenching my thirst in the wrong wells

the answer is right there
but I'm not ready yet to accept that mistakes
are sometimes only that

I am sorry, I am
for my mom, for not listening
for myself, for not being smart

I'll keep passing up the apples
and I take beer over water
but when I lie in the gutter 

I still know the answer
It's right there
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