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Some people make themselves miserable and everybody else miserable when they  can rather make themselves happy and everybody else happy.-RVM
so, at my new job the rule is before your shift you have to count the drawer to make sure the previous person didn't screw up, and after your drawer count to make sure you didnt screw up for the next person. you are never supposed to run on anyone elses. however, since I have been training they made me run on just anyones. so pretty much I've been thrown on a drawer that was never counted from open til close and had more than me on it. the other night it was short $5. now my manager is demanding I pay that. like, there is zero proof it was me. she ran on it in the morning. every time I've worked her drawer it was short. when I haven't, it was not. but I have to pay it. I don't understand. she has a note saying you shouldn't let anyone run on your drawer because their shortages are yours. I was on her drawer so?

you and your words
flooded my senses/
your sentences left
me defenceless/ you 
built me palaces/ out
of paragraphs/ you 
built cathedrals




Cute couples:

Aries x Scorpio (You guys have much in common, don't listen to the haters, I think you're really cute together)
Taurus x Cancer (Cutiness over cutiness)
Gemini x Leo (PERFECT!)
Virgo x Capricorn (Earth x Earth... works perfectly)
Sagittarius x Aquarius (CRAZY AF YOU BOTH ARE)
Pisces x Libra (This will be interesting!)

Greetings and thank you for visiting Cypress Outdoor Adventures LLC. My name is Captain Bill and I am the owner of Cypress Outdoor Adventures LLC. My team and I provide the ultimate Everglades experience for you and your family. It is our number one priority to provide our customers with a safe and memorable experience.

Our Everglades airboat tours incorporate technology into each tour with our complimentary video of your adventure, and intercom headsets so you can communicate directly with myself as we cruise along exploring this diverse eco system.  On your airboat tour you can encounter many types of Flora, Fauna, birds, reptiles. As we cruise through the back country you will explore this untouched beauty we call the River of Grass.

Learn the history of the glades, from its early stages millions of years ago to the development that man has had on this fragile ecosystem. After your airboat eco tour, you may have learned some interesting facts and will walk away with a better understanding of importance the Florida Everglades ecosystem plays for this region. We cater to all sorts of events and love to be involved in charitable work. So give me a call today and let’s talk about planning your next memorable adventure.

          Maybe we all have darkness inside of us and some of us are better at dealing with it 
   THan oTHeRs.

Icarus. The original myth had two parts. Daedalus said to his son, ‘I fashioned these wings for you. Two rules. Don't fly too high, or the sun will melt the wax. But, more important, son, don't fly too low. Because if you fly too low, the water and the waves will surely weigh down the wings, and you will die’. We've left out the second part of the myth. We don't say to people anymore, ‘Don't fly too low’. All we do from the time they are 4 years old is warn them against hubris. We have created this industrial-led structure that says: How dare you.

                                      —Seth Godin

Be a soft person. Be a cushion in a world full of rocks and hard places. Be a gentle soul where everyone else is jaded. Be that person. Because people like that are rarer and more precious than the rarest of jewels in this world.

I f.ucked myself over by choosing to love you because there’s a piece of myself I’ve never been able to get back. You took it with you when you left. You put it in your pocket or on some high, high shelf where I’ll never be able to reach it no matter how hard I try. It sits there, collecting dust and being unused. To be honest I’m not even sure I’d recognize that piece of me if I did see it ever again, even though I know I won’t.

                               —Kendra Syrdal

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