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I love the confidence that makeup gives me.
I don't think I could live without hair, makeup and styling, let alone be the performer I am. I am a glamour girl through and through. I believe in the glamorous life and I live one.
Introspect. Dive deep into your own Life and think . . .. Think . . . “How have I lived?” “How can I make my Life better?”-RVM ‪#‎Inspiration‬ ‪#‎Stayinspired‬
Just a little rant. why the hell you hate me I loved you and clearly u lied about that and almost completely broke me because u had "stuff going on" and you've " never had a shy girlfriend before" despite me doing more with you than I have ever And you daily call me a sl*g, sl*t and wh*re because that makes total sense right? When I said no to certain things? You told me u wouldn't be "like him" and say u love me and then dump me shortly after and u did exactly that in less than a week. You got me to love you and left. And you have the nerve to tell all my friends 8 months later stuff they didn't need to be told like I'm in the wrong. I actually hate you now. I hate u so much. Just a rant I needed to get out

nobody said it was easy
no one ever said it would be this hard


Used to steal your parents' liquor
and climb to the roof
Talk about our future
like we had a clue
Never planned that one day
I'd be losing you


when the rain is blowing in your face
and the whole world is on your case
i could offer you a warm embrace
to make you feel
my love

when the evening
and the stars appear
and there is no one there
to dry your tears
i could hold you for
a million years
to make you feel
my love



why must education be so stressful? honestly i feel as though i'm falling into a dark pit of confusion and stress at the thought of my exam tomorrow.

There's a place for you and all my friends
When the sun falls down
A new day begins
Where feeling good is good enough

My body is an abandoned house that even I have left behind, I no longer call it home. The only ones that visit here are strangers spray painting graffiti on the walls, ghosts, and the lonely who have nowhere else to stay. And too often than not they leave their mess without cleaning up until I do not recognize myself anymore.

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