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"you chug a fifth of alcohol by yourself &
everyone around you is too busy cheering
to wonder how empty you had to be in order
to do it"
I'm so afraid of marriage, what if you marry someone
and have kids with them and then they decide they don't
love you anymore. it's scary.
Just because you have problems, it doesn’t mean you should not have Dreams. Instead, let your Dreams become the scheme to solve your problems.
So I put you on pause when deep down I knew I should have hit stop. Now I'm pressing rewind whenever I get the chance.
Political parties should be banned. Political parties have no part in a democracy. We don't elect parties. We elect people.

The ultimate outcome of the long influence of parties on our system has apparently amounted only to preventing work from being done.

Elected public servants are afraid to acknowledge any good idea proposed by a person in a different party, even if they agree with the idea, and even if the people that elected them agree with the idea!

Political parties are not like sports teams. We don't have to feel obligated to stick by them and root for them no matter how sucky they get.

Every candidate should be considered individually, untainted by the stain of party affiliation.

Every idea should be considered for its merit, unpolluted by the stink of party origination.

Political parties should be banned.
The phrase “unify the party” should be dropped from the American vernacular. Who cares about unifying a party during a presidential primary election? Parties are nothing. People are everything.

The designation of a party “nominee” in the primary election is only a recommendation by that party. You don’t have to vote for your party's nominee when it comes time to vote for president.

You can still vote for whomever you wish in the general election.

The individual candidates should remember that too. Not getting ones party's nomination shouldn't be an excuse to give up. I'm repulsed by non-nominees trying to convince their supporters to vote for their former ideological enemies just to “unify the party.” That's disgusting behavior.

In the primary election, of course I'll vote for the person whom I want to become president as the nominee of my party. However, if they don't become the nominee, I'm not going to switch my vote to some other person in the same party whom I don't want to become president just to “unify the party.”

Why would I waste my vote on someone whom I don't want?

I'll wait until the general election and write in the name of the person whom I actually want to become president. That's why the blank space is there—so the will of the people can be counted regardless of the corrupting influences of any parties.
your body, your mouth, your heart,
made specifically for loving.
sometimes the things we love, will kill us,
but weren’t we dying anyway?
                          -warsan shire

A love letter to myself

Do not kill yourself
because you're dying anyway
there is no reason to speed up that proces
and the world is a better place
with you

Yes I know, I remember
all the times you broke your own heart
over things and people
who may or may not care
how much you hurt

I know that sometimes you
want to lie down and
blame yourself for all the pain
you're not wrong but you're not helping
get the tea, get a bath, forgive

and maybe one day you won't
make those mistakes again
and maybe you do but learn to fall
but first let's focus 
on getting back on your feet
Then she kisses my scars
As she cuts out my heart
And she places it right on her sleeve
My life is authum

My life is fall
ing and it's waking up uncertain
of what weather it will be that day

my life is fall
ing and the wind is strong
er than my spine 

my life is fall
ing and I'm scared
of the winther that will come

my life is fall
ing and the leave
s are changing 

But darling you see...
                          The blade helps me..
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