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He's becoming a stranger and I never thought that would happen. 
Of course I'm scared.
Would I be thinking straight if I wasn't?
Of course I'm scared sometimes, even if I say it doesn't phase me or if I say I'm not hazy.
But drowning isn't so bad, cause at least you know where you're going, and we're all future bound, so I guess that's really the same thing.

 nothing makes sense and you're not here 
 i pray that the sound of your voice 
 will find me again,                             
 and when it does                              
 i want it to be when you're right here, 
 next to me                                       
                   + today might be the last
 holding my grip until 
 my hands hurt 
 and my knuckles cracked 
 but still i could not hold onto 
 the moment so tightly 
 that time would stop to let me stay 

 just a few seconds longer 

 -- the clock is stronger than me 

To my love:

Stay with me. Live with me forever. Laugh with me as we grow old together, reminiscing on our leaps of faith we took for one another. Look to the heavens as your guide and my touch as your reassurance. Thank you for your constant comfort, your neverending companionship, and your bountiful soul. For our connection, I am infinitly greatful.

I am truly in love with you.

absolute bliss 
Three are the Peaks that everyone Seeks: Achievement, Fulfillment and Enlightenment.
My little princess
I'm going to show you the love I've kept hidden untill now
Forever, with an unchanging heart,
I'm going to love you more than myself
You are my love, I promise.

< For in our dreams we enter a world entirely our own. Let them swim in the deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud  — Albus Dumbledore >
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