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No matter how much it hurts to be Alone...Don't move forward until you've healed from your past. Prepare yourself to receive the love you deserve.

It is a happiness to wonder;
It is a happiness to dream.

I know you will be a star...
In somebody else sky.
Attention to the wittians that have been w/ me for a while.
I wanna just write something real quick>>>
I'm not dead, I'm okay! Just wanted to let you guys know that
I've been associated with League of Legends and currently in a team now. :)
Thank you for all your support and don't forget to keep in touch with me <3. 

>> insta: babyhaku
>> twitter: lolbabyhaku 

Those are the only social media sites that I've been using lately. 
Don't be afraid to DM me any questions or chat with me :D 
The hero can fall, the optimist can lose all hope, the light can become the dark, an innocent can become guilty, the powerful can become powerless, a child can be a victim, a hunter can be hunted, the brave can be terrified, the caring can be unkind, and a genius can lose their mind.
 we were distant stars from the beginning 
 we were distant stars from the beginning 
 we were distant stars from the beginning 
we all know the feeling of needing a hug but being to affraid to ask for one.
Fiercly wanting that kiss but being to afraid to take it.
We always say we should go for what you want in life but here's what holds me back.
even if I knew how to ask for it that well needed hug might still break me, we all know what happens to a broken toy.
in regards to that kiss i'm convinced it would make me love to deeply and thus I'd be alone again.
So I don't think it's a good idea to always go for what you want
We all know what happens to a broken toy
stop trying to see the end
before the start even begins.
This quote does not exist.
I haven't the slightest idea – but I'm working to make my ideas slighter and slighter every day.
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