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Were both at his side when he died
Death doesn’t discriminate
Between the sinners and the saints
It takes and it takes and it takes
History obliterates
In every picture it paints
It paints me and all my mistakes
I should've known
I should've known
The world was wide enough
I'm just dying to be all that I've been dreaming of. And words betray me, contradict all I stand for; but I'm still learning.
kill em with kindness
This quote does not exist.

I think of the closet and all the youth still splintered by its unruly wood. I don't have language. For now, I'll say: understand those who use the closet you've built them as flimsy armor against your bullets.


i live my life through phases of despising myself and loving myself unconditionally. whilst the latter probably seems better in theory, i'm questioning to what extent it makes me happy. whilst i'm feeling good about myself and my appearance, i want others to be loud about how they like me too and often that doesn't happen, which disheartens me and i give up liking myself because no one else does.
When our song slowed down
I realised it was my song
all along

I aways bottle it up
but now I pour out the love
for myself

Because you where killing me
kindly and my skin is thicker but it burns
all the same

and you will get better
in your never new year
and I'm gone

We tought it was a love song
but I realised it was mine
all along

  when your heart's not in it?
i didn't mean to make you hurt.

It was

beautifully depressing...

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