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I gift you all jewels still underground as beautiful in their original state as you are in yours.
Standing In A Nice Dress,   

Staring At The
Sunset, Babe.

Red Lips And Rosy Cheeks                                                                      
~ Taylor Swift | Wildest
It said,
"If you
Don't Let
it out,
You're gonna Let it
eat you away."
I'd rather
be a
Animals like me don't
talk anyway.

There is
simply NOTHING
than Knowing
how it


    Don’t listen to those people who suggest you should be ‘over it’ by now. The people who squawk the loudest about such things have almost never had to get over anything. Or at least not anything that was genuinely, mind..soul-crushingly life altering.

I like that idea, that love is something we cannot define, but inherently understand. Like how our hearts subconsciously pump blood to the entirety of our bodies. Or how we breathe without thinking. You and I, we are like stars who crossed paths somewhere in this incredible expanse of galaxy. We’re burning, melting into one another. Growing bigger, brighter. We are filling the world with our light, getting ready to explode and flash across the sky in all our glory and grandeur. I’m ready for it. Perhaps the path we orbit on will eventually change, perhaps we will shift to brighten other planets. But I can feel your warmth inside my heart, traveling like electricity through my cells. I cannot find the right string of words to explain how I’m feeling, what this is, or who we are. But it’s love. I just know.
— Out of This Entire Galaxy, You and I Are Each Other's Stars

we never pause to consider that maybe that our stories were never actually meant to end happily. Maybe we were mistaking our lives for romcoms or dramas when they were just meant to be stories about strength. About reinvention. About coming back from what we thought we couldn’t come back from and moving forward in a brave new way.

                                  —Heidi Priebe

The truth is, we all get so stuck on the conclusions we penned in our minds that we forget to just let our stories unfold. Maybe you don’t understand the ending because you simply haven’t reached it yet. Because you’re mistaking chapter ten for chapter twenty or thirty, and you still have pages and pages left to live through. Maybe at the end of the story you end up alone. Maybe you end up with someone else. Maybe you end up somewhere you couldn’t possibly imagine from where you’re standing now. Maybe there are twelve thousand opportunities for alternate happy endings sitting right in front of you but you won’t entertain them because you’re so hopelessly hung up on the one you didn’t get. Maybe you could be perfectly happy with the ending that you did get, if you’d let yourself. Or if you’d simply stop to realize, after all of this time, that you’ve been the one holding the pen all along.
— Your Life Doesn't Need a Happily Ever After to Be a Damn Good Story

I was not made to love quietly. I have never known how to do it. I shout my emotions without thinking twice. I unzip myself for the entire world to see.




I said

that night

I will
come back
to Life,

But only

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