Quotes added on Friday, June 17 2016

Imagination is activating the SIM card of your super conscious.-RVM
Don't tell me I'm your favourite. Don't tell me I'm the smartest, or the prettiest, or the coolest, strongest, funniest, most interesting, most loveable person to you. Don't tell me I am your most anything. Because I see you telling other people the same thing, and in the end I would have been a lot happier and lot more flattered if you could have put me up without putting all your other friends down. Please stop it.
This is not the only way to make someone feel special.


You don't know me, and you haven't known me, and you will not know me tomorrow.


But you know, I am grateful. I have good friends -- few, far between, far far away, but they look after me and they look out for me all the same. I love waking up to your 'good mornings'. I love talking about the mango trees in your back garden. I love the pictures of your beautiful daughter, and the complaining when the baby falls asleep in your arms. I love talking about the weather, about how hot it is there and how it's raining here. I love it when you ask after me and you want to make sure I'm okay and if we go even a week without speaking you get worried. I love that you're a part of my schedule -- I love that I'm in the habit of checking my skype and twitter the moment I wake up. There's lots to be sorry for and lots to resent, and of course these friendships come with their own problems, their own pains. But I'm grateful I get to call you my best friends. & I really love you.


amazing, isn't it?
how people change.


at the end of the day, the smart thing to do is sxck it up and go along your merry way. there's worse out there. there's worse than what you're going through. people get through it. they're fine, and you're fine. besides, you making your own life more miserable than the bare minimum it has to be just doesn't make sense.


Yeah, so it's not the life I dreamed of. It's not exactly how I thought it was gonna be. But is it ever? Does anyone get that? This is what I've got to work with, and I'm gonna make it work for me. There's a reason they call it the movie-reel life versus your real one.


I think I'm gonna be okay. I think I'm gonna be just fine. 


I made myself too stressed about my favourite hobby and now I'm loafing around because I want!! to!! write!! but also... don't. 


6am and I still haven't slept.  

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