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does any one here listen too Nicole Dollanganger😍

Count on me,
You know you do not need to worry When I say I will love you,
I mean it.
My love for you will always be there. You don't need to doubt my love.
You are set.
But the question for you is,
Will you do the same for me too?
Some people find life boring, there’s too much time. Few find Life so exciting that there’s no time at all and Life just zooms by.-RVM
you lose what you cling to."

do you think my parents will still tell me "oh, you're just not mature enough yet" in twenty years time when i'm 30, still haven't had nor want a relationship, and i tell them for the millionth time that i'm an aromantic asexual? 

Wear your smile as a weapon when confronted with the worst. You'll pull through.

pretty mind, silk thoughts

      "I don't think I'll ever meet anyone
       like him ever again, and I can't
        decide if that soothes me or scares me." (nm)


on your darkest days, don't forget that light will follow soon.

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