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when you start to fall for the fwb and know they aint feelin the same but they atill hit u up all the time
made dinner rented movies bought drink and he never showed
People with skills and talent are more valuable than people with money, which is why people with money try as hard as they can to convince everyone else that having money is a virtue. They try to convince the people with skills and talent that skills and talent are minor to worthless so that the people with money can hire them to do their bidding and make the people with skills and talent feel grateful for the opportunity to get paid.

People with skills and talent need to wake up and realize that they don’t need someone else to give them money. Skills and talent are the real source of wealth and prosperity. Skills and talent are what make the world go ‘round.

Money is almost nothing, almost worthless. It doesn’t really exist. It only exists as long as we all agree that it exists for the practical purpose of trading, as a convenient substitute for bartering. Money is incapable of making anything happen except as a means of motivating people with skills and talent to use their skills and talent to make something happen for the benefit of people with money. In a world containing only people with money and no talent or skills, nothing would ever happen, no matter how much money there were.

Skills and talent are real. They exist. They have true value, which is why you can barter your skills for other people’s skills. Skills and talent can make things happen equally well in an environment of billions of dollars or no dollars. Skills and talent are completely independent of money. In a world containing only people with skills and talent and no money, many amazing things would be accomplished, without the involvement, interference, or influence of money.
Anyone who wants to use your skills and talent but doesn’t have any skills or talent of their own to barter in exchange for yours had better give you lots and lots of money for the privilege. It is they who need you, not vice versa.
That’s right: P*ss me the f*ck off, and see what happens, monkey f*cker. I might call myself a pacifist, but that only means I won’t execute a first strike. It doesn’t mean I won’t execute holy retribution on anyone stupid enough to violate my airspace, including your ridiculous personage. Back the f*ck up right now, or risk retaliation from every intelligent cell in my body—and that doesn’t even include my friends who are just drooling to back me up against someone of your ilk.
Looks like that saying 'What goes around comes around' is coming around again.
A joke at one's expense is its own reimbursement.
Never worry about the Past, it brings Tears. Don’t think too much about the Future, it brings Fears. Live in the Present Moment with a Smile, it brings Cheers!!- RVM #Inspiration #Stayinspired
I can tell myself all day "be heartless, fück 'em" but in all reality, I have a big äss heart and can't treat people bad, that's just not me.
This quote does not exist.
I think a lot of people forget when they're talking to me that I'm sick. I'm not well. I think they forget that I have to take medicine I'm afraid of every day, and there are no days when a voice in my head doesn't say 'just kill yourself' -- at stupid mundane times, like in the middle of reading a book or writing a text or washing the dishes or locking the front door. For no apparent reason, the voice says 'I'm going to kill myself', even when I don't think it's been a bad day or anything. It's become a part of my mental lexicon, just as much as 'thank you' and 'sorry'. Reliably, every day -- just kill yourself. I am not well, and even the people who know seem to forget because I don't talk about it. I wish it was as easy for me to forget. But that's not the case.

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