Quotes added on Thursday, June 30 2016

why is it so hard to trust that everything will work itself out
If anyone's got any advice on being softer or kinder, my tip jar is open. My edges have become too sharp. 

The truth is I have two sisters, and I'm not close with any of them. I don't have any pictures of me with my friends from high school -- at all. I haven't spoken in person to anyone who isn't my family properly for a month, maybe more. So don't ask how my day has been because odds are it's the same as yesterday.  

june's parts of me

1. i can sleep when i'm dead
2. is that a challenge?
3. sunflowers and streams
4. i'll do better
5. burnt bridges
6. sugar canes grow back
7. i hope so
8. hello 

I want to skype with you. I like you a lot and I'm lucky to have you. You're so cool and clever and kind. I want to talk to you more and I want us to hang out more and spend more time getting to know the other. I think we could be really good friends -- no just knowing the other, but actively being in each others lives.

I'm giving myself whiplash with how quickly I'm changing from one person to the next. One second I'm this type of kid and a few months later I have to fix things up again because I've changed so much. It's not a bad thing. I don't know if it's a good thing, either, although I'm inclined to say it is. It's just... fast, so fast, so much faster than I've seen for anyone else and it's almost frightening like that. And I wonder who, in the end, I will be. lkjl

"It is always better to identify the true intention of a person by his/her action (deeds) than his/her words,
and invariably more when a man propagates often about the importance of success, happiness and respect for women in life."

~Anuj Somany

There is something beautiful about all scars of whatever nature. A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed, done with.


You loved me the other day. You wanted me to sit beside you in the dark. Didn’t I feel it– didn’t I know? There’s something between us, a sort of pull. Something you always do to me and I to you.
Have any of you ever posted a quote on instagram?

When I try to post one, with a white background and black font... it crops automatically or something and just half of the text is shown on mobile!

Can someone help me with that please?
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