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We wake up in his bed and the sheets are starting to curl up off the mattress at the corners. I want to yell. STOP GIVING ME METAPHORS FOR ALL THIS COMING UNDONE. STOP SHOVING IT IN MY FACE. This love feels like a ticking clock, but I keep resetting it to give us a little more time. I keep justifying why I don’t leave. Maybe one day, the inevitable will seem less painful than waiting. Maybe one day, I’ll actually learn how to let go.

You compare me to a flower. But the thing about flowers is that we uproot them for our own pleasures. Pull them from their own wants, their own needs. We take them from where they’re grounded, where they’re safe, where they have grown and made a life for themselves and place them in a pot on a shelf. We take them and destroy them for our own selfish desires. Call them beautiful. But that’s not love. And I’m not a flower. I will not be taken from where I am, where I want to be, to decorate the sill of your bedroom window. I will not be labeled as ‘pretty’ in the last days before my leaves shrivel, before my petals fall, before my life runs out and you find someone else to use as decoration. Love me, you say. You want to uproot me. You want to change me. But I won’t let you. Your love is just like the flower you want me to become. Something that looks pretty, for the time it lasts. Something to adorn your life, to make it beautiful. But kills me in the process. And I won't be destroyed.
     — Marisa Donnelly

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Dear  people  . . .
 Its a rhetorical question
NOT a challenge... 



It was the eyes. The secret of love was in the eyes. The way one person looked at another, the way eyes communicated and spoke when the lips never moved.


Wikipedia-speak = what you end up with when tens of people collaborate on (battle over) a sentence for fifteen years (and growing). 

now I'm left here in the dust
with the taste of broken trust


shadows come with the pain
that you're running from


there's no remedy for memory


Telling the TRUTH is easier than LYING. If you want FAITH and TRUST from me, then tell me what I WANT to hear. The TRUTH and no embelishing it.
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