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so you think you can come back after all this time. like there was no destruction. like it’s all easily forgiven. like you weren’t an oil spill. like you didn’t set off a chain of events. like I’m not still finding dead things in your path. like I’m done combing the muck out from my hair. like this was all okay. like you can come back and say these things happen. like this was just an accident.

 When we let our GREED become our NEED, we can never be HAPPY indeed!-RVM
when you try to find someone who cares about you in an attempt to forget someone who used to, you’ll only find people to fill in the gaps. And when the gaps reveal themselves again you’ll realize it’s you that needs to fill them, not anyone else. You’ll let him go when you become your own person.

everything that's broke
leave it to the breeze
why don't you be you
and i'll be me
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‘Woman’? Is that meant
To InsuLT me I wouLD
I took you for a man.
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I can be everything you need but i can never be what you want .
We move along
To the same song and dance
Like cattle we mill
Living by what we perceive as real
Our perceptions are not always the truth
We know this, yet we turn a blind eye to the truth
The truth we seek shackles us, our freedom forsaken
The lies and deceit, false truths and delusion we have taken
It is what frees us, brings happiness and pain
But those who know the truth cannot say the same

Every traveler has a home of his own, and he learns to appreciate it the more from his wandering.
-Charles Dickens

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