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Problems are like Balloons. We let them unnecessarily blow up.-RVM
guess you're still sentimental, huh?
WithOut Romance 👫💐,Love Gets Dry 😞 Without Respect Love 💏 Gets Lost, WithOut Caring 💑 Love Gets Boring , Without Honesty Love Gets unhappy , and Without Trust ,Love Gets Unstable 💯👌👊
We live In a society that teaches us he who don't have anything is not worth nothing creating shoeless mind but the closet full of shoes
Judged by vanities and not qualities
I am sick of nuancing other peope's mistakes
I don't care they had a bad day
I don't feel like standing above the flames of frustration
I let it consume me, from ashes to ashes

there is no place here for external reflection
The blazing arrows pointed at angry eyes looking at me
soon to target everybody who's even closeà
my rage undiscriminating, from dust to dust

My anger powers the phoenix in me to rise
the fire, consuming everything, has left me alone
just like me, nobody coated themselves in compassion
just like me they let the inferno roar

if nothing is true, what more can i do
i am still painting flowers for you
"To be a true leader one must have followers to help along the way."


"Get up and let the music move your soul."
"Get up and let the music move your soul."
"Never allow life to bring you down.  Allow the
 rhythm of life to lift you up."


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