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One day, someone will look at you like you're the most perfect thing they have ever seen. One day you will find someone who won't be able to imagine living their life without you.
it took me way too long to realize
that you shouldn't be friends with people
who never ask how you're doing
Have no fear, you will find your way.
It's in your bones. It's in your soul.

The minutes will Tick, the days will Pass, the Journey is Ours, Smile while it Lasts.

don't try to be cured; you will heal
     as much as you need to by yourself.

This quote does not exist.

I’m still kind of a mess. But I think we all are. No one’s got it all together. I don’t think you ever do get it totally together. Probably if you did manage to do it you’d spontaneously combust.

                 —Michael Thomas Ford

I recommend getting your heart
trampled on to anyone

I recommend walking around
naked in your living room

swallow it down
what a jagged little pill
it feels so good
swimming in your stomach

wait until  t h e  d u s t   s e t t l e s.
   — Alanis Morissette, You Learn

settling for something that does not make
       you happy is like diving underwater for air.


when you start feeling like you are losing pieces of yourself, it's time to Leave
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