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until you see me in your dreams
we'll stay awake beneath the trees
we'll watch the buildings turn to dust
a sky of diamonds just for us
you are the risk I'll always take
the only branch I'll never break

those fears we'll  b l o w   t h e m   a l l   a w a y.
   — Ellie Goulding, I'll Hold My Breath

How many times have you worshiped
my hips without them swaying?
How many times have I f.ucked up
with you following me still?

I am a fool for he who sees the goddess in me.
So there you are. The man who will die for my sins
before I have even committed them.

And here, here, beneath your ribs
is where I have finally learned
to believe.

"Goodbye is always said in advance.
Because when it arrives,
there's no time to say things like that."

-Du Min Joon, My love from another Star

The Flower Garden
By: Chasitia

In the garden of fears
Where you have no tears
Storm clouds and rain appears
Cold and wet the blood smears

But darling don't be scared
If only someone cared
The garden grew and dared
Crowding as the skin teared

Skin ripped to shreds
Life hanging by threads
This your mind dreads
The secret of the flower beds

The garden of death
By the hands of flower breath
This quote does not exist.

Does the rain still make you smile?                        








I like your SHoES.


#BRUCE Wayne 


he was the poet,
while she was the muse
She had a pen she knew how to use
a touch of redemption,
a hint  of elation,

ta recipe for  d i s a s t e r.
   —All Time Low
 "Circles"'|The Party Scene

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