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i really shouldnt miss you 
but i just cant let go 
im always so sad & im still trying to figure out why 
i was always in the darkness 
so the darkness i became 
i like to be alone 
but when people dont notice im not there
it hurts. 
& i know its my fault
for making myself invisible 
& isolating myself
but just once 
i want someone to notice 
to truly notice and care 
they are back. 
stronger than ever 
looking for a fight 
looking to win 
& this time i might just let them 
i tend to fall apart when im alone 
i don't know if i made the right decision
how can you know
Lost Souls
By: Chasitia

They dance with fear
They have much pain
They stumble and fall
They carry blame
They're stuck here or there
They have nowhere to go
They tread this life
They try so hard
These souls are LOST
They have nowhere to go.
The Unknown
By: Chasitia

It causes fear
It brings curiousity
It makes you tremble
It creates panic
It frustrates you
It makes you believe
It shows threat
It beacons of dispear
It symbolizes evil
It helps you sweat
It sounds of madness
It bestows upon you weakness
It swirls with danger
But what is "IT"?

Nobody knows.
now all this time is passing by, but I still can't seem to tell you why it hurts me every time I see you
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