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Its funny how one person can change you whole outlook on life
Most people are losing life making money. Soon they are left with lot of money but no life.-RVM â€ª#‎Inspiration‬ â€ª#‎Stayinspired‬

It’s hard to trust, when your heart's been broken times before. You pull the curtains and you lock the doors, swear you’ll never go out anymore.



be kinder
        TO YOURSELF. AND        
then let your kindness FLOOD THE WORLD.


This quote does not exist.
People who have monsters recognize each other.
They know each other without even saying a word.

I have acid rain in my brain
And its killing the flowers in my heart
I was so much
words like knives in your pocket, whole world locked in a locket


"You either like me or you don't.
It took me years
to learn how to love myself,
I don't have that kinda time
to convince somebody else."


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