Quotes added on Saturday, July 30 2016

Some hearts are broken, others are popped like a zit.
I don't expect the good things in life to be handed to me. Just wheel them up to the sofa, and I'll reach over and get them myself.
Life is not just to run and run, it is also not just to have fun. Life is complete when we get something worthwhile done.-RVM 
You're the type of cold that should send a chill down my spine. You act all aloof all the time and if I didn't know any better I'd think you were too cool for me. You have this icy air about you, but it all melts away whenever were standing face to face. I don't bother with telling you to smile more, instead I like trying to give you a reason to smile. And boy do you have a silly sense of humour...that matches mine just fine. I love that your scary scowl cracks into a warm smile whenever I'm around. I love that I'm in your comfort zone.


ripped at
every edge but,
you're a

don't cry


I'm insecure about how insecure I am.
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thanks babes!!!!

she   liked   the   moon 
because   like   herself 
it   shined   its   brightest
when   no   one   was   around   to   see




a bunch of people want me to be successful, but it seems like i'm the only one that wants me to be happy.
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