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Live before the Journey is over, Live before it is too late. LIVE because you deserve to.

Happiness is a state of mind not an emotion

august favorites
ice cream cake. kt. skinny jeans. weddings. iced tea. woe is me. sleepovers.
vaping. anticipation. driving at night. striped socks. super smash bros. kudos.
turning coworkers into friends. bufferingbook.com. biking. black nail polish.
getting lost. asking the waiter for more free bread. expo markers and a white
board. audrey. sugar skulls. storage trunks. halloween. pancakes. classical
guitar. emperor's new groove. two-part inventions. morning air. laced fingers.
waffle cones. brandon flowers. piggy-back rides. glitter. don't stop believing.


To the loveliest boy I ever met, 
I know maybe one day I'll meet someone new
and we might not even think of eachother
but I don't want to forget someone as lovely as you.
Someone who thought I was great
and worth listening to.
So no matter what happens I want you to know that
everytime I see a jar of honey or listen to Coldplay
or even think of Dublin
I'll think of you
cuz you're the loveliest boy I ever met
and I'm gonna miss you.

Goodbye Green Eyes. 
Take care of yourself.


I fall in love easily and get hurt too often

This website is basically dead
I expect nothing and I still get let down
This quote does not exist.
"i'm drunk and thinking about you. you're so precious and i just want to keep you safe from everything that could ever hurt you and god i miss your cute little smile and i just want to kiss your scars and show you the world and bring you flowers and write cute little pictures all over your body and make you tea or coffee or whatever you like and god thank you for autocorrect because i can barely see straight to type this."
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