Quotes added on Saturday, September 3 2016

Have you no shame? Because if you need some, I've got a bunch I'm not using.
II'm always wrong ,BUT
you're never right.

I'm tired of real people. Can we go back to actors?
ISomehow everything's gonna fall right into place,
if we only had a way to make it all fall faster everyday...

Am I really just over-reacting? 

Everything I

do is


You could

tell me

Secrets that

I'll probably Repeat,

I'm not

trying to

Hurt you

I just

love to Speak.

It feels

like we're

pulling teeth.





remind me again 

how it feels to be forgotten

even when the light 

was never on you
you can't please everyone, so
you got to please yourself

i am but a girl 
who is stuck 
in a bird cage  

i sit here alone
waiting for him  

im stuck waiting
and waiting for 
him to come take
me out of this cage  

i start to lose hope, 
for with every tick
i feel myself fading
away from this cage  

i am but a girl 
who's heart is 
locked in a cage  

locked in a cage, 
waiting for him to
come and take me  


i will miss the winding streets

and the crooked stones that made us stumble

because on cloudy days it was

easy to find empty corners to be alone

(two blocks behind the sleepy bars and there behind the dusty cafe if you had a bad day)


i will miss the girls with daisies woven through their curls

and strings tied round their wrists

because even through they were broken 

they still danced around rooms

singing old songs, picking up each others pieces

and they would spit out smoke

so the chimneys wouldn’t be the only ones

emptying smog


and i will miss the grinning boys 

who smashed bottles the same way they 

smashed hearts, with reckless abandon.

because even though they couldn’t be trusted

they taught us how to trust each other.

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