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If it's a cloudy day,
a fly could go its entire life without knowing what the stars look like.

What is our cloudy day?

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The darkness was suffocating and sung of extremities that could only belong in a sociopath’s mind. It was quite, too quite. The entire world was standing by, awaiting for the ruthless minds of the corrupted youth to experience the bloody taste of demise. 

all of a sudden I felt
really tired.

Like the world had drained me 
for everything that
I had.
i like to draw with silver
but it comes out red
im tired of looking into the mirror

and not liking what i see
everything was so sweet
until you tried to kill me
dont give up on me
I keep telling myself that one day, I'm gonna wake up and it's
gonna be different. But it's not.
-And I'm alone.                                                                                                                      Again.
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