Quotes added on Sunday, September 4 2016

i don't think I can take

the way you make me out to be.

they said he 
was no angel
who is?
"how did you get so empty?"

"when people leave, they take a part of you with
them. so many have left, there's nothing left to take."

"please don't be sad."

"darling, you can't be sad when you're empty. you
can't be anything."
dazzle me with desire and velvet smoke
i wanted to write down
exactly what i felt
but somehow
the paper stayed empty
and i could not have 
described it any better
art is  99 percent   robbery

“please tell me

I’m not as forgettable

as your silence

is making me feel”


an angel died today

only a ghost shall remain


a prisoner 

to the darkness

"Step into the spotlight
 make the stage yours."

I’ve never been anybody’s everything before
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