Quotes added on Friday, September 9 2016

Dance before the music is over. Live before your Life is over.- RVM #Inspiration #Stayinspired
tipping the contents in the bottle

i feel my throat burn in satisfaction

the dizzyness in my head 

the blurred vision 

the rushing colors.

we'll be forever

             for a while

i like you

let's date


There will always be something missing.. someone missing.
I will always feel that this isn’t whole or will ever be again.
My feelings will never be the same anymore.. they will not have the same radiance as before.
But I will learn to live with that, to cope with it..
because somewhere out there you’re living the way you always longed to live.
Somewhere out there you’re finally the person you wished to be.
You finally exiled who people thought you were, or wanted you to be.
And that alone makes me filled with happiness. 


Sometimes you have to learn
to live with the 

Even if it hurts

Lazy is such an ugly word.
I prefer selective participation.
Believe in yourself.
EVen if you're batman running a race with the flash and superman.
They look at you like you're crazy but all you have to say is
``I'm Batman.``
"Adopt a friendly face to the world
but do not allow yourself to be explioted."
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