Quotes added on Sunday, September 11 2016

i'm falling deeper in love

with you
i'm feeling used

but i'm 

still in love with 

please don't bite
"An effective way to say as who is morally RIGHT is that if a person does speak or write the corrective things consistently, then the networking people often tend to ignore him or do not like his thoughts ever."
~Anuj Somany
Sometimes things come out of your mouth that you regret later on. Or no, not regret. You say something so razor-sharp that the person you say it to carries it around with them for the rest of their life.
AS YOU GET OLDER it’s important to become more selective of which people you allow into your life and to occupy your time. If you find yourself investing in people who make you a worse person, whatever that may mean, you should probably start to back away slowly – if not all at once. That could be someone new to you or it could even be one of your longtime best friends. It’s simply a matter of waking up to the situation around you, observing human behavior, and keeping a close eye on your own. Time and proper action can change anyone or anything – but friends, family, and significant others shouldn’t be given that opportunity at your own expense. Never allow anyone to decay who you are or what you are.


give me confidence

at least for a while
don't let me drown
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