Quotes added on Tuesday, September 13 2016

I've only ever "fallen in love" once, but baby you got me feeling, this love feelings that i've been trying so hard to push away. 

You speak sour lemonade to me
The bitter taste won't let me be
One kiss was supposed to be so sweet
But I found grapefruit in your teeth
Old gum is all you'll ever be to me
I spit you out and brush my teeth

If something happens that causes you Pain, remind yourself that you can’t get the Rainbow without a little Rain.
Maybe we’ll meet again,
when we are slightly older
and our minds less hectic,
and I’ll be right for you
and you’ll be right for me.
But right now,
I am chaos to your thoughts
and you are poison to my heart.
—  (via bl-ossomed)

Addiction is tricky.
For example:
A man who quit smoking
for 11 years stood in an elevator
with another man smoking a cigarette.
He gave in.


What I’m trying to say is
I think I love you again.

—  (via nakedly)

You know that place
between sleep and awake,
that place where you
still remember dreaming?
That’s where I’ll always love you.
That’s where I’ll be waiting.
—  J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan (via bookmania)

Someday you will look back
and know exactly why it had
to happen.

(via diva-husla)

If it’s real, it’ll hurt like hell.
—  9:34 pm (via written-on-polaroids)

Maybe falling in love again won’t fix your heart, darling,”
he said, cupping her cheek, slowly moving his thumb
across her soft skin in circles, “maybe you need to fall in
love with the little things first. Fall in love with moments
and seconds and seasons, with objects and sunsets and
rain and the moon. Fall in love with fictional characters
and the smell of a new book, fall in love with coming
home after a long day and pouring yourself a hot cup of
coffee. Fall in love with yourself, your freckles, your waist,
your smile, that dimple on your cheek. And whenever
you’re ready,
fall in love with me.
—  excerpt
n.j. (via ninasdrafts)

If every cell is replaced
every 7 years
soon I will not have
a part of you
—  (via feelthefearanddoitanyway-x)

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