Quotes added on Wednesday, September 21 2016

the way i feel about  and how attracted i am to her can
only be described as out of this world. it feels like i am in a trance
almost like she has put a spell on me but she hasn't. and i can't
understand why i am so attracted to her  it's exciting but at the same terrifying
cause maybe she is the one who will save me from my living hell or maybe she
will shatter what peices are left of my heart. only one way to find out only
time will tell will  she kill me or will she be the one who finally saves me from my own hell..

Music is my religion, music is my savior,
music is my escape when i need to leave the real world
music is my life and i know i could never live
without it.

i want to believe
you're the best thing that ever happened to me
They said they you aren't worth it but they aren't the one who is in love with you...
But forever has a ending.. 
I don't need a reason to die..
   I just need a reason to live,
But since you left i don't have one. 
Just waiting for you to miss me..
I wonder if i died soon If he would care. I mean prob not but atleast i won't be in pain...
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