Quotes added on Thursday, September 22 2016

If you love somebody, better tell them while they're here.
Look around! People have faces with no smiles, as if they are carrying heavy baggage. Stop them! Give them a SMILE and see them Light up.
dont make promises you cant keep
But he isn't YOUand he never will be. YOU will always be the one i love most..
Please, Come back. 
He ain't worth it. 
These days I don’t really get my hopes up anymore cause there’s no point.
I ran away when I was 18.
I ran away from a life of heartache and saddness.
I ran away because I knew I would never fit in,
I would never find a place to just be me.
I ran away because I was insecure.
I ran away from great people,
who never took the time to see the real me.
I ran from the fear and the sleepless nights.
I ran away from rejection,
feeling like a nobody.
I ran a way feeling lonely in a room full of people.
I ran away because there was no hope, no faith,
and no happiness in sight.

I fled knowing of the possibilities.
One day I will be back to mend the fences of brokenness.
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