Quotes added on Saturday, September 24 2016

the potential we all have is limitless  we make th chains which we are bound 
We limit ourselves you don't have to wait 
The people who haven't made it the biggest but have made the biggest impacts started out with the same or less chances than u do 
So don't limit yourselves  
Don't tell yourself or others that they can't make it cause they can 
Don't lie to yourself 
Nothing is wrong with money but it is the love of money that is the root of all evil 
U can have a nice car and house as long as that isn't your top priority being rich won't make u happy 
Neither will being popular read the pages of some of the richest men and women in the world 
One of them became so scared of someone trying to steal from him he loved his money so much  that he starved himself to death 
Don't make the same mistake
Make a difference but not in the eyes of the world 
Seek God and bless u all 

ever want to give advice but don't know how  
Then just take notes on what u hear remember it and give it to somone who is struggling 
Do this many times and  eventually someone will come to u for advice since you've been giving advice 
Give advice especially to those who are cast out or the runt 
Cause they will make large impacts on people  
And u get credit  cause u took action 
And to those who read this that are cast out don't try to make yourself known in a bad way seek God and he will help u in many ways 
Serve him and he will do great and mighty things through u and if u serve him u will be rewarded for eternity 
Seek God bless u all   (KJV) bible

For those who hurt themselves dont scar yourselves it won't help dont starve yourselves either 
If someone's degrates you with insulted don't let it bother you for guys and girls out there who might not think this will help 
Just read it all before u leave 
Every time someone insults you or family members argue or anything like that just think of it as one teeny tiny thing in a long life of many years to come
One tiny dot on a long list of memories some  remember all the good some remember all the bad  memories don't dwell or ponder on the past move along its one small dot 
Just don't care about it  don't read the media most of it makes it seem like the world has crashed into chaos but it hasn't but it will every day u and every moment you waist peoples minds get warped from others who have waisted their life don't let them fall to get to them before they go away to the wrong 
People thinking they were unloved or unseen while trying to make themselves seen 
Be the person to act first  others may persecute u but its just a tiny dot and some day the persecuters will admire your courage and bravery for being the one to act first 
And to those falling who read this message start don't fall if you take five steps in the right direction don't look back 
But if you do you will take a step towards the wrong thing but remember for the one step back you still took four steps forwards so you haven't fallen down for one mistake 
You can still walk forward 
Seek God bless you all (KJV bible )
Have you thought yo have no purpose here and you were a mistake 
Well your wrong I'm a christian so I don't believe that  
People say to others you are worthless you have no purpose 
And they believe that well  don't believe it every little person you talk to or even say have a nice day to everything is done perfectly  if you read this you were supposed to
Every person you smile at even a fake smile or say have a nice day to those few kind words could have pushed them to do something greater  
And they might save and impact thousands of people and you had something to do with it its an amazing thought 
But no you took your life and never talked to that person that day so you ended up not doing anything with your life
Which one would you want impact or nothing 
 You could have done something greater with your life having credit for impacting one person who impacted thousands in a great way  you might not know it 
But tomorrow you might meet that person so don't give up finish your race don't jump off track
Seek God bless you all(KJV bible) 
I would rather live 10 years doing what I Love, than drag through Life 50 years, hating everyday I Live.
i wasted my time with you
i was born to be with you
what a life i might have known
how can i live when we are parted
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