Quotes added on Thursday, October 6 2016

Everyone has something to hide wether they like to admit it or not we all do 
I smile for the people I meet every week at church  at meeting and even at home for my family 
But inside things tear me apart but still I hide it so those who see me miserable won't become miserable cause of me
I may know your problems but I can't help u all I can do is give you  advice for those days where all there is  is terror in your home 
Just think of it as a small dot in a long chain of thing to happen that doesn't mean don't take it seriously but don't let it effect you 
Ive hide myself from everyone I know no one knows the real me except God and he's the only one who can help you 
All of you who don't know what comes next pain or relief it's just a small dot don't let it tear you apart 
we are all connectedby some small string we re all connected I migh talk to someone online ho talks to a friend 
Who talks to you  through some extent we are all connected 
So that means we all feel pain some more then others but remember someone has always been through worse then you 
Ive heard of people burned alive and much worse so don't let your troubles chain you down and hold you from moving on 
Cause that is what emotions will do to you every time 
It gets the chance 
Just remember u choose what u feel u are in control not your emotions don't let them tear you apart 
its pathetic how much time ive wasted on you 
and in the end youve proved you werent worth a second of it
one day i hope itll all be okay 
I dont feel close to anyone any more. 
I hate everyone
at first you had my heart skip beats 
but now youve made my insides ache
and now i dont know the difference of love and hate
i just want everything to be over
i will never be able to stop the bad thoughts
i will never forget how i feel. 
the scar still remains
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