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The simplest way to Rejoice is to Count your Blessings and be grateful for them. You will automatically feel Joy in your Heart.
Sometimes, you just reach too deep into your memories that you begin to feel them all over again. The adrenaline rush is certainly gone, but between the realms of the present and the past, it just feels all so familiar. Like nothing has ever changed at all.

 UPDATE || Niall pinky promised a fan this Thursday that they'll be back in 2017! oh my goodness !!! I can't breath we'll wait until the historique day ❤‿❤

i swear, if you've got the balls to mess around & hurt me or my friends, you'd better have a big enough d!©k to go £uck yourself with
my heart hurts....
cause who would ever fall in love with someone anxiety, depression, and PTSD... i mean it's why everyone has left so far.
and  was a lilac sky, but you decided that purple just wasn't your color..
I always give people the benefit of the doubt and honestly it's killing me
I want to be known as someone who is true...True to friends True to family But most importantly true to herself
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