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They always bring up how you've changed.


You'll put your eyes to the sun and say, "I know you're only blinding to keep back what the clouds are Hiding."


Got Postcards from my

former selves saying,


"How've you been?"


We're so Miserable and Stunning.


Love Songs for the

genuinely cunning.


This quote does not exist.
Don't think that it's weird,
I only want to see you.
Even when I see you,
I want to see you.
- Something Good : GOT7
You have to be tough on yourself too, you know. You can't just let yourself drift off like that. Now, you have to yank back on that rope, grip on a little tighter. Of course it's going to be a losing battle if you can't be damned to fight. Set that alarm nice and early or late as. It doesn't matter, when it rings that's your new beginning. No stalling, no more excuses of giving yourself a break in the name of 'self love', because no, that isn't self love. That's how you ruin your life.
Who we are is the grand culmination of everywhere we have been, all we have achieved, and every life we have shared in and touched – each passing day like another brushstroke on the canvas. And if we live always with passion and heart, someday we look back on our lives and see a work of art.

Not everything happens for a reason. Some things happen purely because evil exists in the world. That did not happen to you because you deserved it. It didn’t happen to you because you needed to learn a lesson. There are lessons you can learn without experiencing pain.

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