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I hate when I get sad for no reason then I start to feel like i'm not good enough.
If you don't get a kick out of the job you are doing, you better kick it and look for another one. Love what you do or just don’t do it.
we have touched for the last time. 
you are long gone, in love with someone else. 
i now fear nothing but life itself,
and i have learned thar living is a slow way to die. 
i do not believe in life or love anymore.
the joy i feel are the joys of emptiness. 
i hate myself for loving you. 
the fear i feel night after night has developed into a disease. 
no-one can see the emptiness in my eyes. 
to escape life itself seems like the only solution. 
with relief i look forward of letting go of the pain. 
finally... there is peace in my soul. 
to lie dead without a concern, without a tear,
you own my heart,
and life without you is so immensely painful. 
just to think about you, talk about you, dream of you, makes tears stream down
my face. 
i could not imagine life without your beautiful, angelic face. 
your wonderful body and good heart. 
you are everything, i am nothing. 
i want to die. 
but really... i am already dead. Mortal Love-I Want To Die
It's like the blind
leading the blind,
I'll hold your hand

if you hold mine;

Sometimes you gotta close your eyes if you wanna see the light.
This quote does not exist.
"what does it feel like to be alive?"


1.  Come and watch the skinny kid with a    
 steadily declining mental health;    
 2.  and laugh as he attempts to give you      
what he cannot give himself.    

~ Bo Burnham

i only exist for you
my dancer

When he moves, I tumble.
I must not lean on him. 
Touch him, feel him, yes. 
He moves.
I need to put my weight on my own two feet.
Not on my leaning hands, but on my own healthy feet. 
Then I would be ready to dance with him 

Everyone has that secret, that’s not really a secret at all: it’s a plot twist, for better or worse. It’s something that once shaped us: and once you know someone’s plot twist, you know that you’re in it for life.
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