Quotes added on Friday, October 21 2016

Have you ever listened to
a song and broke down
and cried?
Brown eyes
are just 'brown eyes'
until you fall inlove with
someone with
brown eyes.
He saw you.
He met you.
He wanted you.
He liked you.
He chased you.
He got you.
He had you.
He got bored of you.
He left you.
He broke you.
Why people who are "gay" / "lesbian" are single:
"All the hot people are straight!"
One minute,


One minute,


But right now I'm

Writing and feeling

them both


Wonder if you wonder...

Little do you know,
I'm still breaking while
you're sound asleep...


"Don't let me know that you sit up
in bed at night, wondering how
i''ve been doing. don't let me know
that you've drafted hundreds of texts
that you've never sent out to me.
don't let me know that you've started
drinking more in the hopes of wiping
the taste of my lips off of you."


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