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I'm NOT myself,
that when I get back you won't believe that you knew me



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what if
here &

I tell
you that
I'm all

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too many things are changing all at once;
i need to slow down
I woke up today and realized...
i haven't really thought about you as much as i used to..
You moved on, and maybe it's best if i let him help me move on.. 
I've been thinking lately
thinking maybe
Life's just a merry-go-round

If there's an out, I need a way
maybe an escape
I wanna be at top, grade A
I've been up, pushed down
Facing the ground
I've been trying to find my way

Trying to do
Normal things I used to pursue
So fired up
but now rotting inside
I do my hardest to break out of this shell
without a crack I'm still stuck in this hell

Whoa oh
I've been falling lately
thinking maybe
life's just a merry-go-round
Whoa oh
I'm going crazy, crazy, don't care,
I'm going crazy, crazy, don't care.
I'm going crazy, crazy, don't care,
I'm going crazy, crazy, don't care.

You mind my every move, you know where I go,
You're following me, but you are going slow.
Watch me slay, watch me slay.
Please obey, please obey.
Am i the only person who is still upset about o2l breaking up?
Why do I always try to push away the people who actually love me?
I don't think he understands that I've been hurt so many times by the people who promised they would never hurt me. It's easier to push someone away and not let them in, because if you let them in they might just take the little amount of happiness you have left in you, and when thats gone what will you have left?
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