Quotes added on Monday, November 21 2016

Stuck here
so long

We just
Got the
One more
last try.
I'mma get
Tell me
am I
getting the
I know
it WRONG...
"Haven't Had Enough"
"No Place like Home"
why wasn't i good enough for dates?
why wasn't i good enough for walks in park?
why wasn't i good enough to be liked?
why wasn't i worth getting to know?
why wasn't i good enough for the public?
why wasn't i good enough to not be a secret?
why wasn't i worth more than being in the bedroom?
Why am i just a body?
i don't want to be just a body anymore.
i want to be a person.
why can't i just be treated like a person. 
Say what you will about zombies, at least they get out and walk every day.
'Perfect stranger' is a redundancy.
If you can choose your battles, it's not a real war.
You are my favorite mistake, the one I keep loving to mak
This quote does not exist.
For me, the cool thing is doing things that could only be done in gaming.

Everyone thinks i'm special,
  except for the people whom i want to think i'm special the most
Too many stars in my head,
but these ones aren't from love.

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