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Always been you;
written by; Christine Vega (me)

Kept saying
And you got upset...
After you brought up your hand
putting it across my face
NOT out of defense
But to show dominance and power
because you are a "MAN"
I said to you
Please stop! I'll do anything!"
and you called ME
But the pathetic one is YOU
The worthless one is YOU
The broken one is YOU
The weaker one is YOU
t's always been YOU
You are drowning
Just keep swimming
By: Christine Vega

You’ll  ask  “Do  I  look  beautiful?”
But  will  they  really  mean  it?
They will say “Wow,  girl  you’re  beautiful!”
But would you take the minute to believe it?
Are  you  smarter  than  that?
Can  you  rely  on  their  word?
How  do you  know  that,
they’re  genuine,  that  there  is  truth  to  their  word.
They  say  “I’ll  be  here  forever!”
They  say  “I  love  you!”
But  there  is  an  end  to  their  “Forever.”
Now,  the  only  one  truly  in  love  is  you.
You  have  fallen  deep
You’ve  cried  and  cried,  you  are  drowning
You’re  sinking  in  your  sorrow,  so  deep
You  are  drowning
Just   keep   swimming
Hold  your  head   above  the   water
You  have  to  keep  swimming
Don’t  let  them  hold  your  heart  under  water
Let  your  pain  float  away
You’ll  be  okay
But  at  the  same  time  your  trust  goes  away
Next  time  a  guy  says,  “You’re  beautiful!”  You’ll  say  “yeah  okay!”
Deep  down  inside  you’ll  keep  drowning
Just  keep  swimming
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He is not a constellation. You should not wish to be the cigarette touching his lips. He will not appear through the fog and heal your wounds. Only you can do that. So get out of bed and put on some lipstick. Stop falling at his feet. Save yourself.

if all is aligned and
right, tell them you love them. Trust your instincts. If you feel a wall between you and another person, it’d be best not to climb it. It’ll crumble if it’s supposed to. Practice saying goodbye when it hurts. Prepare yourself so the words don’t feel like thorns. Say them until they’re nothing. If you know in your heart this person is right for you, but not right today, bury the ring in the dirt of a potted orchid that will sit on your window sill. Water it. Kiss the wrong people only once. Make peace with your demons. Make peace with others’ demons. Write them on the paper from the diaries you had when you were 9. Burn them with the flame of a lavender candle. Hold on to the night you visited your best friend and you both drunkenly cried in the bathroom over how much you love each other. Hold on to the song you heard when you were driving home the next morning. Remember that other people are people too. Try to love the ones who have what you want. How lucky they are. Leave if you want to. Home isn’t a place and it certainly is not another person. It will be the best sort of aching you will feel - coming back to yourself.


carry yourself like a diamond, like a volcano on the verge of erupting. carry yourself like something precious and strong, beautiful and intimidating. you belong to yourself.

You wear your heartbreak like your body is a world at war; and every time a soldier dies within it he whispers one last word, and always, it is your name.


"The only man who could be worse than a bad woman is one who loves to see his face in one or the other ways more than a lady does always."
~Anuj Somany
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