Quotes added on Thursday, December 1 2016

I thought since you left,
                                             I wouldn't be okay..
                                                                                   But i'm happier without you 
id rather die like a man than live like a coward~2Pac
Some time i fill invisible because no won pays attention to a girl like me
the ocean wave go away like you did that day i tride calling you but you ignored ignored me like you already do it like I'm invisible to you probably like i always was to you so i guse this is good bye at first i will miss you so much but i guse this is for the good of are future to be happy
Why cant no one see me it is like i am invisible maybe because no one knows who i am and i will always be like that

Why is she looking at me like i am dumb
Because you are
What dod you just say
You know what i said you spell dod
You are so rude
Ok say that and i say bye
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