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Im not good at socializing and it sucks because I love people. I just dont know how to be around them all the time. 
OK so ima try this again 
im not good at socializing im a very shy and sometmes ackward person. But it sucks because i love people. I love helping them and hanging out with them and talking to them i just dont get why its so hard for me to just walk up to someone and communicate with them 
Learn to be Positive always. In pleasure or Pain, in Sun or Rain, in Loss or Gain, always be POSITIVE! 
 .  I   .   S   U   P   P   O   S   E   .

We can never get used to change.
However – C H A N G E – can't be stopped.
We can either go with it, or we get left behind. 
But in time tears will dry and fear will wear off.

   I believe that.

• h a p p i n e s s •
Cuán hermoso es besarse cuando se está enamorado.

"Un aplauso para mi

almohada que vivió

tantos sueños, escuchó

mis pensamientos, secó

mis llantos y soportó mis


Couldn't hear the thunder, but I heard your heart break

love deeply 
 and live freely




   he will never be you



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