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        wear black             and be 
 g o d




 the greatest loss perhaps  
is losing someone

 who is still around  



[ I dont know if I dodged a bullet or just ]
lost the love of my life




tell me how i can right my wrongs  




I guess we were meant to find each other
for the sole purpose of losing each other 



 there is
to gain 



Before you make a bad decision, make sure it isn't 6 AM.
Disregard everything I've written about love before my last post. That was all some bs.

So the world readies once more to try to break your spine and it feels like you are losing the same war with yourself over and over again. Stand tall, stay hunched, or crawl – it matters not as long as you reach each season’s end. Your dragon heart knows better than to fall prey to a sunless sky. Remember – in times of battle, the conscious decision to keep breathing is already, in itself, an act of defiance against your biggest enemies.


Crack open your skull until you find each and every demon that has made home in the crevices of your brain. Get to know them, become their best friend, take them to church, to the gym, to class, to work, to the supermarket ten blocks away just so you can have an excuse to spend a bit more time with them. You are the demon of your demons, the lord of perseverance.


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