Quotes added on Tuesday, January 10 2017


I Guess it's something about his eyes
or maybe his smile

I never ever
thought i'd like
you this much
and I never
planned to have
you on my mind
this often

Its like I want
you to look at me
but I turn my head everytime
you do
when I walk into
a room full of
people, I always
look for you first.  

you sat down
next to me and I
think I forgot how
to breathe

Damn, I really
want to kiss you

I think about you everyday A**hole
The truth? I like you
a lot. you make me
happy. you make me
augh. you're smart.
you're different.
you're a little crazy,
and awkward, and
our smile alone can
e my day
You're my Weakness
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