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             Girl, yoselovalight

                               YOU          SEMY WORLD ON        FIRE.   


Got the place. Works going to pay for me to get my Orthodonics license. My manager wants me to be her second. Im getting my RDA next month. Crazy. &' people keep calling my number trying to get ahold of you. Idk what thats about just letting ya know. Texas? Colorado? Youre crazy kidd.
Everything ends or dies or gets taken away
Fxck bittersweet
And me
Until I forget about the trains and stuff like that
You shouldn't be hearing this
I shouldn't be saying it
But to hell with me and all my wanderlust
This is all just feelings gushing right?
Stream of consciousness
Don't take it personally
But I want to get out with you

t.s., explicit
wow nice. Yeah that was my mom guess her phone was acting dumb? she said she tried calling me atleast three times and it kept redorecting to you so she actaully put in the numbers and it still went to you. Thought that was bizarre too
Nobody will see how broken you are.
Until it's too late.
I know it was her; silly. but two other numbers called shortly after her few calls. &' two other people have called over the last few days. I dont know whats going on since our accounts were never tied together before.


"I understand people lose
feelings and people change, I 100% accept
that. But I will never understand
how you had the courage to just walk

Yeah I she has a few different phones right now. Really weird thing is your number isnt programmed in her new ones? I thought it was and it was just glitching. But anyways I'm happy your finally taking those big steps in life. Im sure he'll help you.
This quote does not exist.
I think I just figured the phone situation out
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