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When I compare my Life with others who are less fortunate, I feel so blessed and grateful that I immediately stop complaining and start Living with Joy and Gratitude.
I'm a pro at imperfections 
And I'm best friends with my doubt.
I’m addicted to hurting.
I walk this road all alone
With thoughts of you playing in my mind
The worst thing you could ever do to a person is give them a taste of everything they have ever wanted
And then pushing it just out of their reach
So they look at it their whole lives
Remembering the happiness they felt
And can never feel again
Kids are still depressed if you dress them up
How does something that happened so long ago still hurt me so much?
Why is it I can cut him off so easily when I see him using me and lying to me but when it comes to you I can't stop myself from texting back. I can't stop myself from wanting to give you what you want and somehow manage to convince myself that you actually care when I know very well that I mean nothing to you. That I never meant anything to you.  
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