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Lana Del Rey ~Born To Die HBD~
Let your Creed be to do a Good Deed. When your Focus is on your Need instead of your Greed, you will succeed.
How much money something will make for the one percent is not a good enough reason to do it.
I don’t know. I don’t know if today was better than yesterday or if tomorrow will be better. I don’t know what I want to do or where I want to be. I don’t know. I feel empty, stressed, tired, and scared. That’s all I know. That uncertainty, it nibbles at me until there’s nothing left.
I will continue to fight this battle
I will not give up
You can push me down
I won't lay there waiting for someone to pick me up
Because in this world all you have is yourself
So I will continue
With all these cuts and bruises
With tears in my eyes
I will continue to fight this battle

The experience of life is expensive. You loose much and gain some, but you feel much more fulfilled each time you try something new. 
By trying something new, I'm bound to feel something that has been forgotten within me.
The stars are watching me think of you, while they decide on our fate.
Coming to the realisation that one needs nobody but themselves is a slow but a assured process of love and ardency towards them. 
'We Watched Him Drink His Pain Away, A Little At A Time; But He Never Could Get Drunk Enough, To Get Her Off His Mind. Until The Night.. He Put That Bottle To His Head, And Pulled The Trigger; And Finally Drank Away Her Memory. Life Is Short, But This Time It Was Bigger, Than The Strength He Had To Get Up Off His Knees. We Found Him With His Face Down In The Pillow, With A Note That Said "I'll Love Her Till I Die." And When We Buried Him Beneath The Willow, The Angels Sang A Whiskey Lullaby.,'
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