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In the journey of life, we pass pleasures & pain. There will be sunshine and rain; there will be loss and gain. But we must learn to smile again and again.
He messaged me. Do you care if I reply? do you want me to end it?
Please dont message him back. Please. Im trying to figure things out.
Figure what out exactly?? because you coming to me nonstop then turning around only to run back to him is ridiculous and tiring.
Just admit it your not trying to figure anything out your just trying to keep him from not leaving you huh?
Im sorry im putting you through this. Im sorry i keep running to you but this is for me to figure out. My decision. Im working on this and it'll be figured out but thats for me to do.
Then do it without contacting me.
Maybe I'm holding on to the pain so hard because it's the only thing I've got left.
As of Christmas 2016
we are happily engaged after 6 years of being togethe
and I couldn't be more happier to spend my life with anyone else.
We say "I do" December 08, 2018 <3 
We demand closure as though our lives were put together as neatly as novels, but the fact of the matter is they’re not. In real life, relationships are messy and poorly written, ending too early or too late, and sometimes in the middle of a sentence.
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