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Do you love him enough to wait until he becomes who he's supposed to be?

"What doesn't kill you leaves you lying
awake at 3 am wishing it had."
When your heart is breaking for
someone who is broken, but your
words can't reach them and your
ove can't save them, ask the angels
to go where you cannot. To whisper
into their heart what their ears can't
hear: "We will not give up on you.
Don't give up on yourself."
The downfall of having a good heart is you're always looking for angels inside of demons.
As the days go by, I feel so low that I get so high
Never knew a love that felt so right
People who defend your name when you're not around are the most loyal friends you could ever get

I broke my own heart loving you.

Why hurt someone whose only intention was to love you?


A fondness or love for cats

I'm guilty of giving people more chances
than they deserve. But when I'm done, I'm done.

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