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People don’t have Guts to leave their Ruts because of their ''Buts''.
Music means as much as you let it.
Don't ever dismiss someone for "being weird"
don't ever do that 
because one day you're going to be stuck with such a bland someone with a mediocre life that you're just not happy with and you're going to find your uncontent self wondering 

what went wrong? 

So just stay weird

At the end of the day;
the clock will still be ticking;
the tides will go back in;
the world will still be spinning; 
the trees will still be standing tall;
the leaves will still be waving; 
the fish will still be swimming; 

caterpillars will still be transforming; 
dogs will carry on barking;
cats will keep meowing;
zebras will still have their stripes;

shops will be opening in the morning;
the sun will still rise after it's nap;
the world will carry on
and most importantly,
you're still breathing.

Don't let things stop you from living, because one day something will.

Everything is going to be okay. 
You ever recognize that you're currently existing in the third dimension, that your soul is seeking to expand further than that and death is part of the ascension process but that's too morbid to think about they say..

But it's crucial to acknowledge it, don't you think?

Everybody wants

to drive on through

the night,


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On the lips of my love, I'm alone again
Bleed so I can taste where your love has been
Put your heart in my teeth, I can break the skin
Pull me close, you can feel   w h e r e   m y   l o v e   b e g i n s

   — Crywolf, Quantum Immortality

You've got your arms wide
And sin in your eyes
I'm a thief I'm a coward
I'm a fool, it hurts
Thinking this was real
When I lose when I fall, clutching out to her
Everything I feel
You've got my hands tied
Innocent sacrifice
Missing someone gets more difficult and easier each day. How? Because even though you are one day further from the last time you spoke to them, you are one day closer to the next time you will.
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