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"now and then I think about all the times you screwed me over
had me believing it was always something i had done"
"im still alive but im barley breathing"
"im falling to pieces"
"they say bad things happen for a reason,
but those words wont stop the bleeding"
Problems are everywhere, so are Solutions. Unfortunately, we see more of the Problems than the Solutions.
So funny how boys from my past always try to hit me back up eventually. You're dead to me. Get back under your tombstone before I call Ghostbusters on your a.ss. 😂😘

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but what if we really are all that’s out there? nine marbles spinning in space, and in the entirety of the universe, we are all we’ll ever have? one blue echo of time looking, impossibly, for answers.
Age is just a number that can mean so little and yet so much.

Who's Sean Mendez?

Hey, how's it going?
Can you meet me down on Adelaide Street?
Can you talk for a moment?
There's no way to say this that easily
And everything I said, I swear I meant it
I need to tell you that this isn't your fault
And I know that I'll probably regret it
And it kills me 'cause the worst part of all
Is that I hate to hurt you but I got to be honest
I can't give you what you need
Oh, you deserve more than I can promise
And I'm just tryna, I'm just tryna
Baby, I'm just tryna be honest, yeah
I'm tryna be honest with ya
You know that I'm sorry
But I'm tryna be honest with ya

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