Quotes added on Wednesday, March 1 2017

Start each day with an act of Kindness. Make someone’s day, and by doing so make your own.
what is to be a woman? 
how do you think i am to be? 
am i pretty or beautiful? 
I bet thats all you see.
to be a woman, she needs to have curves
curves you want to lay your hands on,
soft beautiuf sexy curves 
that you want to have your hands on,
to me i am a woman, but my curves arent for you.
my curves are in my heart and in my soul
not my silky soft skin and bouncy curls.
a woman does not need you to feel femminin
we do not need permission. 
we do not need a refural. 
we need strength.
we need hope.
and love and peace and helping hands.
from another woman, not a man. 
we do not need permission. 
we do not need a refural. 
we need sisterhood. woman to woman,
girl to girl.
We may never understand why things happen to us. Keep your head up and hopes high, tomorrow is a better day.
i would rather love and bleed than never feel love at all

"even though you will always be the one
that got away, i am glad
now that you got away, you belong
there- away from me."

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